Fir Cone Marker. Wood and Pine Cones. 120 x 40 x 40cm.
'Pliva 2018' International Art Symposium. Bosnia. 2018. 

2018 Residency at Saari Reisdence Mietoinen. Turku. Finland. Funded by The Koneen Foundation this was the next developmental residency of the Lähde/Source Finnish/Scottish collaborative environmental art group.

Naarup Saw Mill Residency. Water Project. Assens Arts Council. Denmark. 2017.
The Water Project. Group Collaboration Project (Scotland & Finland)
Untitled. Reeds, wood & string. 210 x 120 x 25cm.
Whispering Reeds Residency/Exhibition. Eckerö Post- och tullhus Åland. Finland. 2015.