Fir Cone Marker. Wood and Pine Cones. 120x40x40cm.
'Pliva 2018' International Art Symposium. Bosnia. 2018. 

2018 Residency at Saari Reisdence Mietoinen. Turku. Finland. Funded by The Koneen Foundation this was the next developmental residency of the Lähde/Source Finnish/Scottish collaborative environmental art group.

Naarup Saw Mill Residency. Water Project. Assens Arts Council. Denmark. 2017.
The Water Project. Group Collaboration Project (Scotland & Finland)
Untitled. Reeds, wood & string. 210x120x25cm.
Whispering Reeds Residency/Exhibition. Eckerö Post- och tullhus Åland. Finland. 2015. 
Art-Point Gumno. International Artists Residency. Macadonia. 2015.
Untited. Found wood. 200x100x35cm.
'Pliva2014.' International Artist Symposium. Pliva. Bosnia & Herzegovina. 2014
Untiled. Wood. 110x35x3cm.
“The Blue Mountain”.
10th Anniversary International Artists’. Art Point –Gumno. Sloestica. Macedonia. 2013
'Pliva 2013' International Artist Symposium. Pliva. Bosnia & Herzegovina. 2013
Magnolia River. Driftwood & magnolia leaves. 285x65x50cm
Simposio Internacional De Artists En Noja. Noja. Spain. 2011
Untitled 2010. Found wood'. 260x190x30cm. 
No Boundaries International Artists Colony. Bald Head Island. North Carolina. 2010


Linnun Laulupuu. Found wood & common reed flowers. 250x150x20cm.
Butterfly Project. Saari Residence. Mietoinen, Finland. 2010
'Pushing the Line'. Found Wood. 180cm x 120cm x 15cm. 
No Boundaries International Artist Colony. North Carolina, U.S.A. 2009.


Leaf. Found Wood. 230cm x 40cm x 40cm. 2008. Art-Point Gumno. International Artists Residency. Sloestica, Macedonia. 2008