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Sculptural work has evolved from an idea of  using natural material gathered from the local environment. 

The sculpture is essentially abstract involving concepts of transformation, order and recycling/repurposing. A visual language that draws on fundamental consideration of form and proportion while common themes of rhythm sequences texture & pattern play an important role in the work. 

An outlook to find  ideas that represent a directly intimate response to the seemingly random material that I find to work with. Usefulness and application are a result of an organic process of finding & making, collecting  & making, each part informing the other until  a vocabulary has been established. A process that presents the natural world in a different light.  How and what will be useful to make a sculpture.

The craft sensibility from my training with clay informs the necessity to appreciate how using the properties of materials can in itself inspire projects while improved technique can point the way to more complex/ambitious work.

Preconceived outcomes are unhelpful as the process relies totally on what materials that are found although one piece feeds into the next to make incremental steps away from the centre. 

Residencies, symposiums & collaborative projects have played a significant part in moving the work forward as adapting to unfamiliar short term surroundings reinforces the pragmatic approach necessary to realise a finish piece. One adapts to the restrictions or benefits of a new environment which can stretch the well established process to find new solutions/beginnings that lead to new outcomes. 

B.A. Hons degree in Ceramics at Central/St.Martins, London. 1990


Earth Wind & Fire. Foyer Gallery. Ceramics. IMAG. Inverness 05.05 –16.06.2021.

Cromarty Exhibition . The Stables. Cromarty. Scotland. 10.08 – 19.08.2019

Earth, Wind & Fire. (Ceramics). Upstairs Gallery. Inverness. 03.06 – 28.06 2019

V.C Gallery. Scottish National Trust. Inverewe. West Ross. 15.05 – 20.12.2019

ANURS Gallery. Banja Luka. 25th Anniversary of the Academy of Science and Art, Republika Srpska. Bosnia. 24.9. - 24.10.2018

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables. Cromarty. Scotland. 12.08 – 20.08.17

'Whispering Reeds' Exhibition. Kuusisto Art Manor. Finland. 08.07 - 24.08.2016

'Whispering Reeds' Exhibition. Archipelago Centre Korpostrom. Finland. 16.03 - 03.07.2016

Object. Foyer Gallery. Ceramics. Inverness Museum & Gallery. 05.03 –30.04.2016.

The Magic of the Blue Mountain. Art-Point Group Exhibition. Sculpture. European Union Centre, Skopje. Macedonia. 15.02 – 04.03.2016

'Whispering Reeds' Exhibition. Eckerö. Finland. 08.05 - 31.08.2015

‘Winter Exhibition’. Inchmore Gallery. Inverness. Scotland. 01.10.2015 – 28.02.2016.

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables Gallery. Cromarty 14.08 – 23.08.2015

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables Gallery. Cromarty. 09.08 – 17.08.2014

Aberdeen Artists Society Exhibition 2014. Aberdeen Art Gallery. 10.04 – 22.06.2014

‘Smoke Fired Pots.’ Foyer Gallery. Inverness Museum & Gallery. 01.04 -31.05.2014.

“Pliva2013.” LTG Gallery. Pliva. Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. 25.07 – 04.08.2013

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables Gallery. Cromarty 10.08 -19.08.2012

Castle Gallery. Castle Street. Inverness. 01.05.2102 – 31.01.2013

Sianoja El Corte Ingles Exhibition. Santander, Spain. 04.09 – 31.09.2011

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables Gallery. Cromarty 12.08 - 21.08.2011

'Earthworks' Exhibition. Projekte Gallery, Wilmington, N.C. USA. 01.05 - 22.01.2011

Snowdrop Festival Exhibition. St.Andrews. Fife. Scotland. 11.02 -27.02.2011

No Boundaries International Artists Exhibition. N.C. USA. Dec 07.01 – 21.01.2010

Stables Gallery. The Cromarty Group. Cromarty 12.08 – 25.08.2010

The Cromarty Group Exhibition. Stables Gallery. 12.08 – 22.08.2009

'Coast'. (Rhyl Museum & Arts Centre.) 12.06 – 08.08.2007

'Wood'. Stroud House Gallery. (Stroud, England) 15.10 – 28.11.2006.



“Pliva2018.” International Artist Symposium. Pliva. Bosnia & Herzegovina.      
24.07 – 02.08.2018
Water Project Development Residency. Koneen Foundation. Saari. Turku. Finland. 11.06.-25.04.2018 
Naarup Saw Mill Residency. Assens Arts Council. Denmark. Group Collaboration Project Scotland & Finland. 01.09 – 30.09.2017
'Whispering Reeds Residency’. Eckerö Åland. Finland. 24.04-08.05 .15
“Art Point –Gumno” International Artists Residency. The International Centre for Art and Sustainable Development. Sloestica. Macedonia. 12.06.15– 12.07.15
“Pliva2014.” International Artist Symposium. Pliva, Bosnia & Herzegovina. LTG Gallery. 25.07 – 03.08.2014
“The Blue Mountain”. 10th Anniversary International Artists’ Workshop. 
Art Point –Gumno. Sloestica. Republic of Macedonia. 07.09 – 15.09.2013
“Pliva2013.” International Artist Symposium. Pliva. LTG Gallery. 25.07 – 04.08.2013 
Simposio Internacional De Artists En Noja. Noja, Spain. 22.06 – 02.07.2011. 
No Boundaries International Artists Colony 2010. Bald Head Island, N. C. USA.
04.10 – 20.10.2010. 
Eco-Art Butterfly Project. Kone Foundation. Saari. Turku. Finland. 02.08 – 13.08.2010. 
No Boundaries International Artists Colony 2009. Bald Head Island, North Carolina, USA. 02.10- 16.01.2009. 
Art Point-Gumno. Artist in Residence 2008. Sloeshtica, Republic of Macedonia.   
15.05 – 10.06.2008. 

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